15 Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids (2024)

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday that’s all about celebrating every kind of love. It’s also a great time to work on creative, love-themed projects with your little ones. If you’re looking for a cute project to do with your kids this Valentine’s Day, these Valentines coloring pages are perfect for you.

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We created 15 Valentine’s Day coloring pages that feature adorable characters and cute Valentine’s Day sayings. There are fun animals, sweet messages, delicious desserts and more! Whether your child loves learning about dinosaurs or dreams of exploring outer space, there’s sure to be a Valentine’s Day coloring page here that they’ll adore.

When you’re ready to begin your fun Valentine’s Day coloring, just click on the pages below to download and print them. Then, you’ll be all ready to begin creating beautiful works of art with your little loves! To spread even more love this Valentine’s Day, take a look through these sweet Valentine’s Day cards.

Be My Valentine Coloring Pages

For a classic Valentine’s Day saying, check out these ‘Be My Valentine’ coloring pages with a lovely heart illustrations. When your kids are done with these Valentine’s crafts, they can make great wall art to put up in their rooms or a craft corner in your home. Throughout the month, keep the artwork up as Valentine’s Day decor and make the kids feel extra special.

These Valentine’s Day coloring pages are perfect for all ages – they aren’t too difficult to fill in, but they allow for a lot of creativity as well. Let your kids experiment with fun colors and even adding their own background drawings. For even more fun idea, scan your kids’ coloring pages when they’re down and create a custom Valentine’s Day card from the finished product.

Love Is In The Air

Make My Heart Flutter

Animal Valentines Coloring Pages

If your kids love all animals big and small, they’ll adore the animal Valentine’s Day coloring pages, featuring cats, rabbits, owls and butterflies. When they’re done, scan the finished product and turn it into a custom photo puzzle! They’ll love seeing their Valentine’s Day art come to life as a fun game, and a jigsaw puzzle is so easy to make.

With animal Valentine’s Day coloring pages, you can also have fun by having your kids draw their favorite animals. They might choose the cat since it looks like the family cat, or maybe they love dinosaurs the most. No matter what they choose, their finished artwork can look great as a personalized photo gift or keepsake to show off as they get older.

You’re The Best

We Bee-Long Together

You Stole My Heart

You Are A Hoot

Nobody Tops You

Sports and Outdoor Themed Valentines Coloring Pages

Your budding baseball star will love decorating a Valentines coloring page featuring a ball that says ‘You’re a catch.’ Their finished coloring page would look great on the top of a Valentine’s card too, which they could take to school and hand out to their friends and teachers.

Once they’re done with one of these coloring pages, simply scan it to your computer and upload it to Shutterfly. You can choose Valentine’s card templates that include multiple photos too, so you can choose a photo of them playing sports to add right next to the picture of their sports-themed Valentine’s artwork. Friends and family will both love the themed, personalized greeting card.

Make My Heart Race

You’re A Catch

Valentine’s Day Sayings Coloring Pages

You can’t go wrong with classic Valentine’s Day quotes and messages. Share the love this Valentine’s Day with a coloring page that includes fun Valentine’s Day sayings. Dessert lovers will cherish the ‘You’re so sweet’ cupcake coloring page, while anyone will appreciate the simple and modern “I <3 u” coloring page. There’s truly a coloring page for everyone.

These simple coloring pages with Valentine’s quotes could look great as flat Valentine’s cards that your kids could hand out at school. Their friends and teachers will love seeing art they colored on their own with a sweet message to make the holiday more festive.

We’re A Perfect Pair

You’re So Sweet

You’re My Type

You’re A Star

I Heart You

This Valentine’s Day, spend the day creating colorful masterpieces with your kids. These coloring pages are the perfect activity for a cold February day. After they’re finished, kids can give these sweet pages out to teachers, relatives, and friends. The coloring pages also make wonderful decorations to hang around your house. Print out some of your favorite Valentine’s Day coloring pages, and have a great time personalizing them.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day activity that’s sure to be a hit with your kids, these Valentine’s Day coloring pages are just what you need. Take out your pink and red crayons, and have fun making Valentine’s Day creations that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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15 Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids (2024)
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