16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (2024)

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The 100th day of school is a significant milestone in the academic year, celebrated with enthusiasm in classrooms around the globe. Make it even better with one of these fun 100 Days of School Printables.

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (1)

The 100th day of school is a pretty memorable day in your child’s life! It marks a hundred days of learning, growth, and discovery for students, especially in the early years of schooling.

To commemorate this special occasion, 100 Days of School Printables offer an array of creative and educational activities that engage students and reinforce their learning in a fun and interactive way.

From counting exercises to artistic projects, these printables are designed to encapsulate the essence of what students have learned and experienced over the past 100 days.

These printables cover a wide range of subjects and skills, suitable for various age groups.

For younger students, activities may include coloring pages with 100 objects, simple math worksheets involving counting to 100, or puzzles encouraging number recognition and sequencing.

For older students, more complex tasks like writing prompts reflecting on their 100-day journey or challenging math problems centered around the number 100 can be engaging and educational.

The beauty of these printables lies in their versatility – teachers and parents can choose and customize activities that best suit their children’s learning levels and interests.

Incorporating 100 Days of School Printables into the classroom or home learning environment adds excitement to the day and provides a valuable teaching moment. It encourages children to reflect on their progress, understand the significance of perseverance and consistent effort, and celebrate their achievements in a tangible, interactive manner.

These 100 Days of School printables can also foster a sense of community in the classroom as students share their works, collaborate on projects, and participate in group activities centered around the theme of 100, making learning a memorable and enjoyable experience.

How do you celebrate 100 days of school?

The 100th Day of School calls for some celebration! Not only is it an accomplishment to make it through 100 days of school, but it is also a great way to celebrate your student’s accomplishments! Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, help celebrate your student by recognizing this landmark day in the school year. Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate this year:

What can We Do for the 100th Day of School?

There are so many different activities you can do with your kids for the 100th Day of School. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Teach your students or children how to count to 100 in another language.– This is a fun and unique way to get kids involved in the celebration!
  • Decorate a shirt with your students or children using 100 objects, like sequins, buttons, or stickers.- This is a fun, hands-on activity for children of any age. It will help them practice counting while creating a fun keepsake to take home and enjoy!
  • Help your students or children write a story using exactly 100 words.– This is an excellent way for the kids to use their imagination. Writing a story with just 100 words might be more challenging than they think!
  • Have your students or children do 100 jumping jacks.– This is the perfect way to show them how many 100 is! After 100 jumping jacks, they will realize it was more than they thought.

100 Days of School Printables

These 100 Days of School Printables are ones that your students or kids will surely love! They are such fun ways to get your kids to recognize the incredible feat that attending 100 days of school is!

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (2)

100 Days of School Color by Number by Confessions of Parenting
100 Days of School Headband by Simple Everyday Mom
100th Day of School Coloring Page by Dresses and Dinosaurs
100th Day of School Activity Set by Wonder Mom Wannabe

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (3)

100th Day of School Color by Addition by This Reading Mama
100th Day of School Celebrations by A Smiling Teacher
100th Day of School Gumball Machine by Room Mom Rescue
100 Days of School Coloring Page by Mrs. Merry

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (4)

100 Days of School Certificate by Hey Let’s Make Stuff
100 Days of School Coloring Pages by Happiness is Homemade
100th Day of School Activities by Doodle Art Alley
100 Days of School Printable by Leah with Love

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (5)

100th Day of School Activities by First Grade A La Carte
100th Day Activities by Sarah Snippets
100th Day of School Glasses by ClassCrown
100 Days of School I-Spy by Liz on Call

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (6)

16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (7)

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16 Best 100 Days of School Printables [Fun For All Ages] (2024)
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