Everyday Faith Editor (FTC - 24 Months) in Church House, Great Smith Street, London | Church of England (2024)

The National Church Institutions comprises a wide variety of teams, professions and functions that support the mission and ministries of the Church of England in its vision to be a church, centred on Jesus Christ, for the whole nation - a church that is simpler, humbler, bolder.

We Include. You Belong.

Our Belonging and Inclusion Strategy aims for everyone in the National Church Institutions (NCIs) to feel that they belong, and are valued for who they are and what they contribute. Together, our people contribute in different ways towards our common purpose, whichever NCI they work in and whatever their background.

Living out our values in all that we do, we:

  • Strive for Excellence
  • Show Compassion
  • Respect others
  • Collaborate
  • Act with Integrity

We believe our commitment to belonging and inclusion fuels our progress and drives us forward. The NCIs are a safe, inclusive workplace for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. We welcome applications from people of all faiths and of no faith. We want to encourage applications from a diverse group of people who share our values. Even if you have never thought about working for us before, if you have the skills and experience we’re looking for then we would like to hear from you.

About the Department

This is a new role in the Church of England’s Publishing and Digital Teams and has been created to take forward ambitious plans to build on the current Everyday Faith discipleship resources, working closely with the Vision and Strategy (Churches and Networks) Team.

Everyday Faithis a digital portal enabling access to resources that help people find and follow God in their everyday life, engage in community and be equipped for effective witness. It connects individuals and groups to national church, diocesan and third-party discipleship content.

The new role of Everyday Faith Editor will be located within the Church House Publishing team, working alongside Digital Communications colleagues responsible for the website and app platforms and working closely with the Vision and Strategy (Churches and Networks) Team to ensure this work supports the Church of England’s national priorities.

The role will be line managed by the Head of Church House Publishing, with a second reporting line to the Vision and Strategy (Churches and Networks Team).

What you'll be doing

As Everyday Faith Editor you will be responsible for curating and promoting Everyday Faith, developing and maintaining relationships with content providers, and working with colleagues to enhance engagement through the Church of England’s digital channels and award-winning range of apps.

This is a unique opportunity to steer the development of the Church of England’s Everyday Faith digital discipleship tools and resources and contribute to the Church of England’s strategic objective for all Anglicans to be resourced to live out the five marks of mission in the whole of life, bringing transformation to the Church and world.

The working hours for this post will be 35 hours per week however we are happy to offer flexibility and hybrid working. Occasional out of hours working at weekends and evenings is a requirement.

Further details will be discussed at interview.


  • Coordinating the production and publishing of digital reflections, prayers and discipleship resources through the Everyday Faith Portal and associated apps.
  • Commissioning and editing resources to offer a range of reflections, prayers and tools that equip for Christian life and witness in everyday contexts.
  • Working closely with the Digital Communications team and Head of Publishing, commissioning resources to support Church of England’s high-profile seasonal campaigns around Advent, Christmas and Lent.
  • Overseeing and monitoring the project budget.
  • Nurturing and maintaining partnerships with in-house and third-party publishers, church-based organisations and individual writers to acquire or commission resources and reflections that promote an everyday faith.
  • Leading on the planning, scripting and checking of audio content – working with authors and Digital Communications colleagues – as part of the Everyday Faith offering.
  • Identifying through horizon-scanning opportunities to promote particular journeys at given times (current campaigns, social trends, awareness days).
  • Working with colleagues in wider NCI teams to produce discipleship resources reflecting national priorities including generosity, the environment, and racial justice.
  • Overseeing the marketing and discovery strategy for Everyday Faith in collaboration with Digital Communications Team to steadily grow engagement and subscriber numbers.
  • Tracking and reporting discovery, engagement and impact data to Senior Managers and adjusting content and promotion strategies accordingly.
  • Support colleagues in the Churches and Networks Team to promote use of Everyday Faith for delivery of national and diocesan discipleship resources.
  • Working closely with the Church of England’s Growing Faith team to ensure content can be adapted to support the ongoing development of faith at home.
  • Identifying opportunities for further integration of Everyday Faith within the ‘AChurchNearYou.com’ site, to enable church communities to engage with Everyday Faith content.
  • The post holder will also have the opportunity to participate in projects in the Church House Publishing, Vision & Strategy or Digital Communications Teams, depending on their skillset and professional development goals.

Your job description is intended to reflect your main tasks and areas of work, but is not exhaustive. Changes may occur over time and you will be expected to agree any reasonable changes to your job description that are commensurate with your banding and in line with the general nature of your post. You will be consulted about any changes to your job description before these are implemented.

About You

The Church of England is for everyone and we want to reflect the diversity of the community the Church serves across the whole country. Therefore, while of course we welcome all applications from interested and suitably experienced people, we would particularly welcome applicants from UK Minoritised Ethnicities (UKME)/Global Majority Heritage (GMH) and other under-represented groups. As a Disability Confident employer, we are committed to recruiting disabled people. We offer interviews to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the role.

Please refer to the Job Description for the Person Specification.

What we offer

Our benefits include:

  • A salary of £46,577 plus age-related pension contributions between 8-15% of salary. We will also match any pension contributions you make up to an additional 3% of salary.
  • 25 days annual leave (increasing to 30 days within 5 years) plus three additional days
  • Flexible working hours and location, with an expectation of just 1-2 days per week in our office in Westminster
  • Structured induction programme and access to a range of development opportunities including apprenticeships
  • Access to Occupational Health, and an Employee Assistance Programme
  • Opportunity to the Civil Service Sports & Social Club, and get involved in a range of staff networks, groups and societies

We try to be as flexible as we can in your work pattern to support you with other commitments, and to give a good work-life balance.

Closing Date: 07 July 2024

Everyday Faith Editor (FTC - 24 Months) in Church House, Great Smith Street, London | Church of England (1)Everyday Faith Editor (FTC - 24 Months) in Church House, Great Smith Street, London | Church of England (2)

Everyday Faith Editor (FTC - 24 Months) in Church House, Great Smith Street, London   | Church of England (2024)
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