Nigel Slater - Recipes - Winter (2024)

Nigel Slater - Recipes - Winter (51)

Passion Fruit Tarts

Easy, no-cook tarts with passion fruit and yoghurt
Nigel Slater - Recipes - Winter (2024)


What is winter roots and lemon roast Nigel Slater? ›

Roast winter roots and lemon cannellini cream

Put the carrots, parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes in a roasting tin. Trim the beetroots, leaving a small tuft on top (so they do not “bleed”), add them to the tin and pour over the olive oil. Add the ground spices and cumin seeds to the vegetables.

Is Nigel Slater a chef or a cook? ›

Author, diarist, programme maker and cook, he remains very much an amateur in the kitchen. Nigel is not and never has been a professional chef. His food is simple, understated, handcrafted home cooking. He believes there is something quietly civilizing about sharing a meal with other people.

Where is Nigel Slater's simple cooking filmed? ›

Nigel Slater demonstrates straightforward, down-to-earth cooking, filmed at his home vegetable patch and on friends' allotments, taking us through a week's worth of simple suppers.

How do you roast cauliflower Nigel Slater? ›

Put the cauliflower florets into a roasting tin and toss with the olive oil and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Roast for 25-30 minutes, turning the cauliflower over once the underside is golden. Halfway through cooking, add the broccoli florets.

What is the red winter vegetable? ›

Red Cabbage

Sure, you're familiar with green cabbage. But red cabbage is high in the antioxidant, anthocyanin, which is what provides its deep red hue. Slice and toss it with other greens for a colorful winter salad, or sauté with vinegar and a tablespoon or two of butter for a sauerkraut-like side dish for pork.

What is the winter root used for? ›

Winter Root is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Orange Bow Shirt. It can be used in dyeing, serving as an orange dye at the dye pots, located in Emily's and Haley's house, 2 Willow Lane.

Is Nigel Slater a vegetarian? ›

Although not strictly vegetarian (the bottom line for me will always be that my dinner is delicious, not something that must adhere to a set of strict dietary rules) much of my weekday eating contains neither meat nor fish.

Has Nigel Slater got a restaurant? ›

Nigel is not a chef and has no restaurant or commercial connections. His food is understated, handcrafted home cooking that is easy to accomplish and without a trace of what he affectionately calls 'celebrity cheffery'.

Is Nigel Slater married to Joan Potter? ›

Slater eventually marries Joan and becomes more unbearable from the excessive consumption of Mrs. Potter's cooking. Nigel reaches a boiling point with his stepmother when he starts working at the local pub's restaurant to hone his skills in more sophisticated cooking, which she perceives as a threat.

Who is Nigel Slater TV chef male? ›

Nigel Slater OBE (born 9 April 1956) is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster. He has written a column for The Observer Magazine for over a decade and is the principal writer for the Observer Food Monthly supplement. Prior to this, Slater was a food writer for Marie Claire for five years.

Where is Nigel Slater's home? ›

But look anywhere in this house - this perfect, beautiful house (late Georgian, built by Thomas Cubitt, the best in its quiet terrace in Highbury) - and you have to blink twice. Before Slater took it over in 2000 it had, appropriately enough, served as an art gallery (as well as a hospice and a slum).

Where was Nigel Slater born? ›

Food writer and journalist. Born in Wolverhampton, Slater worked in restaurants around the country from the age of sixteen including Thornbury Castle and The Miller Howe, before moving to London.

Why do you soak cauliflower before cooking? ›

This process – which should last 10-20 minutes - destroys several microbes and large parasites. As cauliflower is highly susceptible to microbial attacks, it should be washed once again. This time, boil some water and put the cauliflower florets in it. Keep for five minutes and remove from the hot water.

How do you roast tomatoes Nigel Slater? ›

Preheat the oven to 220C/gas mark 8. Put the tomatoes in a roasting tin, just touching, and trickle over the olive oil. Season with salt and a grinding of black pepper. Bake for 40 minutes or until the tomato skins have browned on their shoulders and there is a generous layer of juices in the bottom of the tin.

Why is my roasted cauliflower mushy? ›

First, take care not to overcrowd your pan; if the cauliflower is packed in rim-to-rim, the moisture will not be able to escape as the florets cook, which will result in soft steamed cauliflower instead of roasted. Next, don't be overly generous with the oil — a light coating is what we're after here.

Why are they called winter vegetables? ›

Eating in season is a breeze in the spring and summer, but it can prove to be challenging when cold weather sets in. However, some vegetables can survive the cold, even under a blanket of snow. These are known as winter vegetables, due to their ability to withstand cold, harsh weather.

Where is the best place to find winter root? ›

The highest chance of finding Winter Roots is by foraging in Winter. But these items are foraged a bit differently than regular items. That's because these can only be found underground in certain specific places known as Artifact Spots. Any area on the ground that has worms squiggling around is an Artifact Spot.

What are the roots of black salsify? ›

Black salsify forms a long cylindrical taproot with a brownish to black cork layer. If harvested young, the carrot-like roots are tender, long and tapered with shiny white flesh. They contain a milky latex, which turns the roots black when exposed to air.

How do you roast shallots Nigel Slater? ›

The recipe

Peel 350g of large shallots and slice them in half lengthways. Warm 3 tbsp of olive oil in a shallow, lidded casserole, add the halved shallots and 6 small sprigs of thyme, then bake for 30 minutes until the shallots are pale gold.

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