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It’s Monday and you know what – it already sucks. So if yours is sucking too – here’s an EASY recipe that you can make tonight and then at least your Tuesday will be awesome!!!

Recipe: Flourless Fudge Cookies (dairy & gluten free - but really good!) - The Food Hussy (1)

I was assigned the Gluten-Free Girl at work for the birthday treat list – greaaaaat! But it was a task and I could conquer it – she likes chocolate – so I found these Gluten & Dairy free Flourless Fudge Cookies. I also grabbed the parchment paper that I got a while back from (thanks!).

It was a really easy recipe – powdered sugar, cocoa, egg whites, vanilla and chocolate chips. It’s a tough stir though. The recipe called for 3 large egg whites – my eggs were small and after 3 – it was still a powdery mess. I decided to try for a 4th egg white and magic happened! Suddenly it became this thick, gloppy, ooey gooey texture! It was like the slime from “You Can’t Do That On Television“.

After glopping the dough onto the parchment paper – it didn’t look too appetizing – but I had gone this far – might as well bake them!

Recipe: Flourless Fudge Cookies (dairy & gluten free - but really good!) - The Food Hussy (2)

Here’s the finished product…they better taste good.

Recipe: Flourless Fudge Cookies (dairy & gluten free - but really good!) - The Food Hussy (3)

I have to say – this might have been the best cookie I’ve ever eaten. It is EXTREMELY rich – like the chocolate factor is OVERLOAD!!!!! But they’re moist and chewy and just really damn good.

Also – a few notes as far as the recipe goes:

* they call for fancy cocoa – I used plain old Toll House cocoa (yeah – Toll House makes cocoa now and it comes in a plastic tub – very convenient for sealing it back up)

* they call for espresso powder – couldn’t find that at Kroger, didn’t use

* they call for fancy gluten-free vanilla extract – isn’t all vanilla extract gluten-free? If not, oops.

* I did add the chocolate chips – I used Nestle Toll House dark chocolate since it’s what I had.

* I also threw in some peanut butter chips because they were left over – really good addition as well.


Flourless Fudge Cookies

Ultra-chewy, rich chocolate cookies with no added fat? And no gluten? Impossible! But it’s true: these flourless chocolate cookies get their texture from egg whites, and their flavor from cocoa powder (which represents the only fat in the recipe). Plus they’re easy to make: Just stir together a few simple ingredients, scoop onto a pan, and bake for 8 minutes. You won’t believe the delicious result.

  • 2 1/4 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoonespresso powder, optional but good
  • 1 cup cocoa powder, Dutch-process (European-style) preferred*
  • 3 large egg whites
  • 2 teaspoons gluten-freevanilla extract
  • *For darker, richer-looking cookies, substitute 1/4 cup black cocoa for 1/4 cup of the Dutch-process cocoa


1) Preheat the oven to 350°F. Lightly grease two baking sheets. Or line with parchment, and grease the parchment.

2) Stir together all of the ingredients till smooth. Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl, and stir again till smooth.

3) Drop the soft, batter-like dough onto the prepared baking sheets in 1 1/2″ circles; a tablespoon cookie scoop works well here.

4) Bake the cookies for 8 minutes; they should spread, become somewhat shiny, and develop faintly crackly tops.

5) Remove the cookies from the oven, and allow them to cool right on the pan.

6) Yield: 16 large (3″) cookies.

Recipe: Flourless Fudge Cookies (dairy & gluten free - but really good!) - The Food Hussy (4)

Recipe summary

Hands-on time:
5 mins. to 7 mins.
Baking time:
8 mins. to 10 mins.
Total time:
13 mins. to 17 mins.
16 large (3″) cookies.

Tips from our bakers

  • Want to make more, smaller cookies? Drop the dough in 1 1/8″ balls (about 2 measuring teaspoonfuls) onto the baking sheets; a level teaspoon cookie scoop works well here. You’ll make about forty 2 1/4″ cookies.
  • Add up to 2 cups of chocolate chips or diced walnuts to the batter. You’ll lose the cookies’ “no added fat” attribute, but make some very tasty cookies. With 2 cups of add-ins, you’ll make about 24 large cookies, or 48 smaller cookies. Note: For larger cookies with add-ins, increase the baking time by 2 minutes, to a total of 10 minutes.





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  1. Marianne says

    They look good! Kroger has espresso powder in the coffee aisle in very small jars. Tends to be slightly expensive too. You can typically substitute any powdered coffee for the same effect.


  2. Cppy says

    No one makes me roll my eyes faster than the gluten free.


Recipe: Flourless Fudge Cookies (dairy & gluten free - but really good!) - The Food Hussy (2024)
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